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Sourced from Canada Azopt from Canada
Manufactured by Alcon
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Sourced from Turkey Azopt from Turkey
Manufactured by Alcon
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Prices vary per country based on the combination of 3 factors

  • America - strongest economy + no healthcare + longest patents (10-20 years) = most expensive
  • Canada - healthcare + government regulated pricing + 3-5 year patents = affordable prices
  • Overseas - weaker economy + no healthcare + shortest patents (1-2 year patents) = lowest possible prices

Pros and Cons of Shipping Origin

Overseas has the highest percentage savings, however takes 3-4 weeks for delivery. That is the fastest possible from UK, Australia, New Zealand, India or Turkey.
Canadian shipments are received much quicker! Choose your ship speed and receive orders within 1 week if and when needed.

Azopt General Information, Uses, Side Effects and Dosage.

Azopt is a medicine that is used by patients as treatment for their open-eye glaucoma and ocular hypertension or having a high pressure in the eye. When used, this medicine will reduce the amount of fluid present in the eye that would lessen the pressure. Be sure to keep the tipoff the dropper clean and avoid it from having any contact with other substances even your hands. That part is sterile. When you use Azopt, you have to follow your doctor’s prescription. The number of application and drops cannot be changes without your doctor’s consent.

When you will be applying Azopt, you have to check and make sure that your hands are clean and dry. Prior to applying, make sure that you have at least shaken the container. You have to tile your head slightly backwards and you also have to slow down your eye lid. After you have squeezed a drop, be sure to apply a gently pressure within the inner corner of your eye to prevent the solution form dripping down. Make sure that you had removed your contact lenses prior to the application of Azopt. When your doctor prescribes you to apply more than one drop, then you can repeat the process after 5 minutes.

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