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Manufactured by Pfizer Inc
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Caverject General Information, Uses, Side Effects and Dosage.

Caverject is a drug that is used by patients in treating any erectile dysfunction or the condition of being impotent. There are also cases in which this drug will be used for easier tracing of the causes of the said disorder. In some cases, Caverject is used as a treatment for newborn babies that has genetic hear condition to improve their blood flow. This drug works by helping the muscles and the blood vessels in the penis to ease off in order to trigger an erection. Make sure that you follow everything that your doctor prescribed you to in order to maintain a safe and effective medication.

When you are to use Caverject, make sure that you fully understand the procedure. The first dose of this is given at your doctor’s office because the doctor will have to see how well your body responds to this kind of medicine does and to see if there are any side effects. Know that you can either take Caverject in form of an injection or you can just use the transurethral form of the suppository. The injection would have to be administered directly into your penis while the transurethral form will have to be inserted in the opening of your penis or the urethra.

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