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Coreg General Information, Uses, Side Effects and Dosage.

Patients take Coreg as a treatment for their heart failures and or high blood pressure or hypertension. Know that the use of this drug is also prescribed to those patients who just experienced heart attack due to difficulty within the heart’s function to pump blood. When taken it, Coreg will affect the heart’s behavior and also the way the blood flows through the arteries and veins. You cannot just stop the use of this drug just because you feel a little better. To stop the use of this medicine, it must be instructed by your doctor.

When you find it hard to swallow the capsule, then you can just open it and sprinkle its contents over applesauce or any food that won’t require chewing and has a low acidity level. It is recommended to take Coreg on the same time every day to have a constant level of this drug present in your body. Also, when you take Coreg, it is best to do it with food present. Changes in your prescription can only be done by your doctor especially on the number of intakes and your dosage. When you changed from taking the regular table to taking the extended release tablet, then your dosage will likely to increase or decrease.

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