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Niaspan General Information, Uses, Side Effects and Dosage.

Niaspan medicine is useful in the cure of deficiency of niacin. In addition to that, it is also useful to enhance elevated blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels to reduce but increases HDL cholesterol. In most hospitals it has been found helpful to lower the risk of individuals suffering from heart attacks and promotes coronary artery disease regression.

Research has proven that under the treatment of Niacin hot drinks and alcohol should not be used because they not only increase liver damage but they also interfere with its effectiveness. It is an individual responsibility to update your healthcare professional about all the drugs you are using in particular, Locholest, colestid, Cholestyramine, Questran, Colestipol and Prevalite.

Similar to other medications, when you use Niaspan medicine the following are the commonly observed side effects diarrhea, nausea, sweating, leg cramps, sleeping problems, gas, belching, feeling tingly under your skin, mild dizziness, breathing problems, weakness with fever, dark urine, flu symptoms, irregular heart beat, muscle pain, yellowing of eyes and breath shortness. It’s also advised that you seek urgent medical assistance before your condition worsen.

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