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Sourced from Canada Fosamax from Canada
Alendronate Sodium
Manufactured by Merck & Co.
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Sourced from Canada Fosamax Oral Liquid 4x75ml from Canada
Alendronate Sodium
Manufactured by
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Prices vary per country based on the combination of 3 factors

  • America - strongest economy + no healthcare + longest patents (10-20 years) = most expensive
  • Canada - healthcare + government regulated pricing + 3-5 year patents = affordable prices
  • Overseas - weaker economy + no healthcare + shortest patents (1-2 year patents) = lowest possible prices

Pros and Cons of Shipping Origin

Overseas has the highest percentage savings, however takes 3-4 weeks for delivery. That is the fastest possible from UK, Australia, New Zealand, India or Turkey.
Canadian shipments are received much quicker! Choose your ship speed and receive orders within 1 week if and when needed.

Flomax General Information, Uses, Side Effects and Dosage.

Flomax generic is a medication that is often prescribed by physicians to a patient that is suffering from BPH or an enlarged prostate, and this prescription drug belongs to a specific class of medicines that are commonly known as alpha blockers. When a patient needs to order Flomax generic, they will need to provide the pharmacy with a prescription from the doctor either through email or a fax.

When patients that have an enlarged prostate, to buy Flomax generic from the pharmacy, it provides them with the advantage of being able to benefit from a savings of money. Since the pharmacy provides their customers with the convenience of being open twenty-four hours each day, patients can purchase Flomax generic during times that best fit their individual schedule.

This means that prices on cheap Flomax generic is made available to patients with an enlarged prostate any time they need to order this medication from the privacy of their own home, and it is offered in USD. Ordering discount Flomax generic from the pharmacy gives prostate patients the time they need to relax at home and heal instead of running around finding a pharmacy and standing in line to wait for their medications.

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