Ozempic is the exact same brand name prescription medication, regardless the country of origin. It is BRAND NAME and on patent, meaning it is only sold and made by Novo Nordisk. It is NOT currently available in GENERIC form anywhere in the world.

How do you know it is a GENUINE Canadian product? The only difference with the medication dispensed by Marks Marine Pharmacy in Canada, is that since Canada is bilingual, there is in fact French on the label. This is how you know that it is a genuine Canadian product – in addition to the drug identification number, also known as D.I.N. DIN stands for Drug identification number. This proof of regulatory status is provided for each unique prescription medication and regulated by Health Canada – this is the equivalent of NDC (national drug codes) in America. 

Ozempic comes in a single injectable pen and one pen lasts for 1 month. Injecting 1 dose per week based on the manufacturer dosage structure gives 4 shots, a one month supply. There is a savings tip from Doctor’s and Pharmacists IF and when your Doctor prescribes the LOWER DOSE VERSION. You can purchase the same one pen – but of the HIGHER DOSE to get 8 shots, 2 months per pen.

Cost is 299.99 per month for either the 1mg version, and surprisingly the exact same price for the 2mg version. Thankfully being in Canada it is only 299.99 compared to countries like America where it is 750 per month on the low end of the price structure, and historically not getting covered based on the specific category of prescription medication. 

Can we get it there cold?
Yes! Absolutely.

We ship Ozempic Express, air mail, with ice packs, insulation and a temperature gauge.

Why is Vancouver the FASTEST and most EFFICIENT Canadian province to ship cross border?
Shipping logistics (based on Air mail express post / fastest shipping available for prescription meds).

  • Vancouver, British Columbia – picked up at 4, on next flight to customs in San Francisco. Clearance at the border takes 1-3 days. Flies to the main hub in your state (+ 1 day) then to your specific city (+1 day) picked up by the courier and dropped off. Total transit time on average is 4-5 business days. 
  • Manitoba (the only other province in Canada that is legally allowed to ship prescription drugs to America is Manitoba. Being in the center of Canada, the route is to go east to Toronto (+ 1-3 days) then to customs in New York (busiest customs deport, + 3-5 days) then to your state, city and delivered via courier (+ 2-3 days). On average Manitoba takes DOUBLE THE TIME compared to Vancouver. 

Since it is room temp stable for 30 days, the temp gauge shows if it has breached room temperature. We do encourage you to order enough in the spring and fall so you can avoid ordering during extremes of season. You can stock up when the temperature is right.

We can put up to 3 months worth of medication in one box maximum. To clear customs successful it must be a “person supply” this is defined as 90 days or less. With temperature sensitive medication, everyday counts! This ensures it goes through the border quickly, efficiently and consistently. We are setup beside the airport, so regardless of the weather, the Vancouver side is a non-issue. 

Shipping costs $25 and includes one ice pack and pharmaceutical grade insulation (a silver reflective bubble wrap 1/4 inch thick). The standard packaging is suitable for temperatures 40-75 approx. If it is outside that spectrum, we have upgrades available for improved packaging. Important to note that some people do use the extra insulation all year (small amount of money for a lot of extra protection).

  • Styrofoam box = $10.00 (10 times thicker than the other insulation)
  • Extra ice packs = $2.50 (since shipping goes based on weight, we can use as many as you want)
  • A common choice for a seasonal upgrade = $15.00 includes the styrofoam and 2 extra ice packs (3 ice packs total)
  • Available at checkout.

Don't see the medication your looking for?

Please go through the medications below, on the the left side is all the Brand Name medications and on the right side all the Generic medications. If you require a dosage or a specific medication that is not listed, it doesn't mean that it is not available. We may be able to source it and suggest you call us 1-877-888-9265 or email us.

Brand Medications

Generic Medications

Sourced from Canada Ozempic 2 mg/1.5 ml starter pen from Canada
Manufactured by Novo Nordisk
Select product strength & quantity:

Sourced from Canada Ozempic 4mg/3ml from Canada
Manufactured by Novo Nordisk
Select product strength & quantity:

Prices vary per country based on the combination of 3 factors

  • America - strongest economy + no healthcare + longest patents (10-20 years) = most expensive
  • Canada - healthcare + government regulated pricing + 3-5 year patents = affordable prices
  • Overseas - weaker economy + no healthcare + shortest patents (1-2 year patents) = lowest possible prices

Pros and Cons of Shipping Origin

Overseas has the highest percentage savings, however takes 3-4 weeks for delivery. That is the fastest possible from UK, Australia, New Zealand, India or Turkey.
Canadian shipments are received much quicker! Choose your ship speed and receive orders within 1 week if and when needed.

You can see pictures and videos and to agree to our policy by visiting our COLD CHAIN page to see the materials we use when shipping. Call us and we can give recommendations specific to the time of year and your location.
Happy to assist you with getting OZEMPIC delivered. You can order two ways;
  • Phone order – you can fax, email or text the prescription, and then we can finalize everything together over the phone. This way we can provide all the additional education and guidance…especially on your first order, so you know all the recommendations moving forward.
  • Online order – sometimes timing is difficult, so to accommodate, you can order online and either upload your prescription or email it after. If you want the extra insulation please request anywhere they allow you to type notes.

Feel free to call direct anytime, we are a full service pharmacy and available to answer your questions and to provide additional assistance.

Marks Marine Pharmacy is the most trusted Canadian Pharmacy.

Why? Because Marks is a brick and mortar store inside a medical clinic that serves the public. Marks Marine Pharmacy has been shipping for over 20 years, and is family owned, 3rd generation.

What is the proof? With a quick and easy google search, you can read hundreds of reviews on every review forum or platform across the internet, including; google, yelp, facebook, instagram. Specifically for temperature sensitive medications, we encourage you to gain confidence and peace of mind by reading the Insulin Research and testing done independently by consumers on FUDIABETES. Insulin has the same temperature sensitivity as Ozempic eg room temp stable for 30 days fudiabetes.com – great name btw! Additionally, Marks Marine Pharmacy is highly recommended by organizations like Feline Diabetes Group (thank you and we love you for all your support, sugarcat on facebook, the well known group that travelled with Bernie Sanders to Ontario @insulin4ALL, has been featured in the documentary payORdie.com. Also, independently researched and compared to other local Vancouver based brick and mortar Canadian Pharmacies, and winning #1 many years running for best Vancouver based Pharmacy, thank you @threebest! Not to mention, through a thorough investigation and constantly hearing the name “Marks Marine Pharmacy”, led CNN to contact MMP to learn more. In addition to being contacted and recommended by the CBC for the good deeds being sent to our neighbors to the south who are being preyed upon by Big Pharma unfortunately as the result of predatory pricing model combined with no proper healthcare system! MMP saves hundreds of corporations, millions of dollars a year, supporting a massive employer sponsored healthcare assistance programs.