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Pimobendan General Information, Uses, Side Effects and Dosage.

Pimobendan is a prescription drug that is used by veterinarians for the treatment of canine patients and is known as a PDE3 or selective inhibitor of phosphodiesterase III. Veterinarians usually recommend individuals order Pimobendan for dogs that need help with the management of the condition of heart failure.

This is a serious problem that is generally caused by dilated cardiomyopathy or endocardiosis, which means myxomatous mitral valve disease. When your pet’s vet has suggested that you buy Pimobendan for the care of your dog, you will need to send the veterinarian’s prescription to the pharmacy through an email, or you can also send it by fax. Pet owners that often have a busy schedule can purchase Pimobendan at any time, day or night, as the pharmacy remains open to all customers twenty-four hours every day. Another benefit that is offered by the pharmacy is that all prescriptions are conveniently offered in USD.

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