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Prilosec General Information, Uses, Side Effects and Dosage.

Prisolec is essential to cure gastroesophagael reflux disease symptoms, heart burn, erosive esophagitis and other related various conditions resulted by extra stomach acid. It has also been proven to help in the treatment of esophagus damage that is resulted by abdominal acid. It is in a class of medications referred to as proton pump inhibitors useful in the acid amount decrease that’s produced from the stomach. Sometimes it is given together with other antibiotics essential in the gastric ulcer treatment. Medical professionals caution against using this medication for the treatment of heart burn symptoms of relief.
During the treatment of prisolec you should not use these medications, HIV/AIDS medications, Mebendazole, Lanoxin, Unasyn, Ampicillin, Keteconazole, Phenytoins, Diazapem, Clopidogrel, Tacrolimus, Cyclosporine, Cilostazol, Disulfiram, Digoxin, Water pills, Diazepam, Omeprazole, Benzimidazole, Albendazole, iron, vermox and Albenza.

Some of the Prilosec medication side effects are vomiting, diarrhea, confusion, muscle weakness, irregular heart beat, muscle movements, convulsions, sneezing, nausea, sore throat, stuffy nose, confusion, chocking feeling, fever, headache and stomach pain.

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