Things to consider when choosing upgrades and shipping rates

When shipping a temperature-sensitive medication, it is a flat rate of $25 (includes up to $500 worth of medicine or a 3-month supply). This includes the fastest possible shipping from Vancouver, BC, via Canada Post Express, crossing over to USPS at Los Angeles (the fastest customs depot). Shipped with ice packs and thermal insulation wrapper, with the option to upgrade based on your local temperature. This can always be upgraded to our new Rapid Airmail 

Options and upgrades include a Styrofoam Box, which costs $10 extra. You may want to add extra ice packs for $2.50 each (two additional packs of ice are recommended). We always offer this option all year, commonly referred to as UPGRADED SHIPPING, for two combined recommendations of extra ice and thicker insulation. For maximum protection when ordering in the middle of summer or ensuring your package arrives cold. Use our Mobile Fridge solution. Keeping the medication 2-8 degrees Celsius for a minimum of 96 hours. Providing complete peace of mind, the medication is shipped and received quickly, accurately, and consistently.

The Basics

  • We ship ALL temperature sensitive medicine by AIR Express delivery, which is sent mandatory signature required, properly packaged with ice-packs and insulation. Plan accordingly to sign for the package. A tracking number will be provided at the time your package gets processed.
  • Please weigh the risks and rewards, also, the pros vs the cons and make your decision wisely. If the time is not right (peak of summer), you can purchase a small quantity locally and place your current order on hold and arrange to have it shipped when the weather is more suitable.

Seasonal Suggestions

  • We encourage our customers who order temperature sensitive medicine during the hot summer months or the cold winter months to use the Mobile Fridge option.
  • We DO encourage our clients to order enough in spring to last the summer and enough in the fall to last the winter. Avoid ordering during the extremes of season.
  • We do understand that not all people can afford to do this, due to budget purposes. As a result we package the medicine with styrofoam insulation and extra ice packs as an optional upgrade for an extra $15.
  • Please check and consider your local temperature. Specifically for the week that follows the time your order was placed.  Generally speaking, that is the time it will take to arrive.
  • Please try to properly time your orders with us, as we will ship upon your request. We know the importance of this medicine, and rely on you, the consumer, to tell us the right time to ship the temperature medicine to you as all states and cities are different.


  •  There is risk, when ordering temperature sensitive medications, and the risk is yours.
  • There is a very small chance something may go wrong (FDA seizure, postal error, medicine exposed to improper temperature) and we are upfront that if any of that happens it is not our responsibility.
  • Our responsibility is to process and dispense the medicine quickly and properly , provide you with all the education as a pharmacy should.
  • Because we sell it at a wholesale price, and since there is no insurance possible on cross border prescription medication, there is a no refund policy.

Our Shipping Rates and Speeds

Five efficient shipping options to ensure you always receive your medication before you run out!


Tracked Parcel

Ground - Up to 9 business days to arrive

Regular Parcel™ is our economical ground delivery service for items shipped from Canada and is ideal for large-volume shipping. Tracking is available and delivery status can be checked online*.

You can add as few or as many shipped items as you wish


Expedited Parcel

Ground - Up to 7 business days to arrive

Expedited Parcel™ is fast, cost-effective ground shipping from Canada. All items can be tracked and have on-time guarantees.

You can add as few or as many as you wish


Express Parcel

Airmail - 4 to 5 business days to  arrive

Tempurature sensitive medications needs this option

Add additional ice to ensure your order arrives within temperature range $10

Add styrofoam box to better insulate your medication $5

Signature is required. You can preapprove your signature with



Rapid Airmail

Airmail - 2-3 business days to arrive

Available for all shipments from Canada

Process through Memphis Customs instead of Los Angeles

The default is Signature Required. Can also deliver without signature


Overseas Parcel


12-20 business day arrival

Arrives through New York Customs

All parcels from Overseas are signature required

Cold Chain and Upgrade Options

Marks Marine Pharmacy in Canada, specializes in shipping Temperature Sensitive Medication to America.


Standard Insulation 

  • The $25 dollar shipping includes this packaging.
  • Includes up to $500 worth of medicine (to mitigate risks).
  • AIR MAIL EXPRESS delivery
  • 3-5 day turnaround
  • 1 ice packs
  • Pharmaceutical grade insulation (1/4 of an inch thick).
  • This standard packaging is suitable for temperatures 40-80 degrees
  • If outside that temp spectrum we encourage the "upgraded kit".


Upgraded Insulation

  • Add $15 to the $25 shipping.
  • Upgraded styrofoam insulation is 6 times thicker that than standard insulation.
  • Also includes 3+ ice packs.
  • Enough cold packs to completely surround the medication.
  • Recommended for 80+ weather.
  • Strongly encourage stocking up in spring and fall to avoid ordering during extremes of weather in summer and winter. However, if the medication has room temperature stability it is successfully used for temperatures above 80.


Disposible Mobile Fridge Insulation

  • Add $99.99 to the $25 shipping and get the best protection.
  • Primarily for very expensive specialty drugs (humira®, stelara®, cosentyx®, orencia®, lupron®, copaxone®, tremfya®, etc).
  • Guaranteed to keep the medication at 2-8 degrees, fridge temperature during the entire transit time.
  • 90% of the 25-40 pound box is proprietary cold packs, researched, and proven insulation insulation.
  • For medications that require fridge temperature, we recommend the mobile fridge during extremes of season. 

Introducing Accidental Coverage

Your Peace of Mind Solution!
At Can Ship Meds, we understand the urgency and importance of receiving your medication promptly and securely. That's why we're committed to ensuring your valuable medications reach you in the best condition possible. While we strive for flawless delivery every time, we recognize that unforeseen circumstances, such as postal delays, theft, or lost packages, can occasionally disrupt the process.

That's where our innovative Accidental Coverage program steps in to provide you with the ultimate assurance and protection.

What is Accidental Coverage, you ask?
Accidental Coverage is our comprehensive solution designed to safeguard your medication delivery from any unexpected mishaps that may occur during transit. With this program, you can rest assured that your medication is shielded from various unforeseen events, allowing you to focus on your health with peace of mind.

What does Accidental Coverage offer?
Enhanced Protection: Our Accidental Coverage program extends an extra layer of protection to your medication shipment, ensuring it remains safe and secure throughout the delivery journey.

Peace of Mind: Say goodbye to worries about potential disruptions or setbacks during transit. Accidental Coverage provides you with the reassurance you need, knowing that your medication is covered against a range of unforeseen circumstances.

Value Assurance: Despite the added protection, we remain committed to offering you the best possible prices for your medication. Accidental Coverage comes at a minimal cost, ensuring you receive maximum value for your investment in peace of mind.

How does Accidental Coverage work?
Simply opt-in for Accidental Coverage when placing your order, and leave the rest to us. In the rare event of any mishap during transit, our dedicated team will swiftly address the issue and ensure that your medication reaches you without further delay.Don't let uncertainties jeopardize your medication delivery experience. Choose Accidental Coverage today and experience the ultimate peace of mind with Can Ship Meds!Your health and satisfaction are our top priorities. Trust Can Ship Meds delivers not only your medication but also the confidence and security you deserve.

How to Claim Your Coverage
To claim insurance, please call our resolution team and speak with one of our representatives. Provide them with the details of the shipping issue you encountered. Our team will carefully assess if the issue falls within our insurance coverage guidelines. If you qualify based on your coverage, you will be eligible to receive a replacement of your order free of charge.

We sell medication at wholesale price to keep it affordable and provide you with the biggest savings possible. Cross-border medication is not covered by carrier insurance.

There are risks when ordering medication. Here, we will review some of risks and what you can do to ensure safe delivery. Please read this carefully and understand that if you do not include the Accidental Coverage, you will be responsible for any replacements.

There is a chance something may go wrong with your shipment (FDA seizure, postal error, damaged package, and acts of god). We are upfront that if you choose to decline our new insurance policy and any of the above does happen, it is not our responsibility, and there will be no refund or replacement.

Our responsibility is to process and dispense the medicine quickly and properly, provide you with all the education as a pharmacy should. Once the medication is dispensed and shipped, it is in the hands of our shipping providers.

Quote from USPS Carrier Policies:
“Prescription or non-prescription drugs and medical devices We have no liability for loss, delay, or damage of packages mailed to destinations outside of Canada containing Prescription or non-prescription drugs, Medical Devices, or Other items that may be subject to export or import prohibition or restriction.”

Watch our video

Take a moment to watch the video to visually see all the shipping materials before ordering, get the confidence from our videos and reviews, providing everything you need to know before ordering and receiving your first order from Marks Marine Pharmacy in Canada. 

What else do you need to know before your first order?

The process for temperature sensitive medications is;

1. Order - either online or by phone.

2. Policy - agree to the terms and conditions of shipping,  learning absolutely everything you need to know, and clicking "agree" to the policy.

3. Turnaround time - processing can take 2-3 days internally, plus the 4-5 days shipping.

4. Receive your tracking - you can go to upon receiving tracking from Canada Post to request text or emails updates to get notified every time the package moves.

5. Receive your medication - check the warm mark and call our Pharmacist for further evaluation should it be triggered. Ice packs are often melted upon arrival, but it is the insulation that keeps it cooler then the manufacturers recommendation after the ice packs melt for the remainder of the shipping right up until arrival.