Can Ship Meds Shipping Policies


Please Read All Policies

Below are all of our shipping policies. Please read through which policy best suits your order. 

General Shipping Policy

Temperature Sensitive Policy

Accidental Coverage Policy

By placing an order with CanShipMeds, you acknowledge and agree to the terms outlined in this shipping policies.

General Shipping Policies

Medication Ownership:

Once the medication leaves the pharmacy, ownership is transferred to the patient. All sales are final, and returns or refunds are not accepted. Ensure that the shipping address provided is accurate and that someone is there to receive the shipment. Once shipped, adjustments to the shipment cannot be made.

Risks During Shipping:

Medications may be subject to risks during the shipping process, including but not limited to loss, damage, or exposure to extreme temperatures. In rare instances, medications may be seized by customs for further documentation. This can result in delays and potential effects on the medication's safety.

All Sales Are Final:

Due to the nature of our products, all sales are final once the medication leaves the pharmacy. We do not accept returns, exchanges, or refunds, with the exception of Accidental Coverage (see below).

Lost or Damaged Shipments:

While we take utmost care in packaging and shipping your medications, we are not responsible for lost or damaged shipments once they have been dispatched, with the exception of Accidental Coverage (see below).

FDA Seizures:

In the event of an FDA seizure, we will cooperate fully and provide any necessary documentation. However, we are not responsible for any actions taken by regulatory authorities that may affect the delivery of your medication, with the exception of Accidental Coverage (see below).

Extreme Temperatures:

Medications, especially those requiring specific storage conditions, may be exposed to extreme temperatures during transit. While rare, this exposure may impact the medication's safety and efficacy. It is best to stock up in the spring and fall.

Customer Responsibilities:

It is the customer's responsibility to provide accurate shipping information and be aware of any local regulations regarding the importation of medications. You will also need to follow the progress of your order shipment when the tracking number is sent via email or on your patient portal.  Our responsibility is to prepare the delivery according to the specifications made when an order is placed, such as the delivery speed, address provided, and packaging requested.

Temperature Sensitive Policies

It is extremely important to read and learn the information below to ensure that all your orders go smoothly and that you have accurate expectations.

We ship Express Air Mail or Rapid Air Mail (the fastest delivery possible) with ice packs, insulation and a temperature sensor.

Your role is crucial in ensuring the quality of your medication. Temperature-sensitive medications have different stabilities and lengths of allowable excursions (some have even proven to be 90 days or longer). Ask your patient representative about your medication and their stability information. The WarmMark, included in every temperature-sensitive shipment, shows if it has breached the specified temperature and the length of time. It is important to note this is NOT the “be all end all” and is ONLY utilized to get insight and provide a starting point for evaluating the product. If the sensor is red, we ask that you call for a pharmacist consultation. 

Important Considerations

We have a proven track record of successful shipping to America for many years. We'd like to encourage you to order enough in the spring and fall to avoid ordering during extreme seasons. 

Please take into consideration the following.

  • The right shipping and packaging method based on your shipment's destination, local temperature, and time of year.
  • Consider the stability of your unique prescription medication. If you are unsure about its stability, ask to speak to a pharmacist.
  • The manufacturer’s recommendations and allowable temperature threshold  (found on the manufacturer’s website).

Packaging Upgrades

Please weigh the risks and rewards, as well as the pros vs. cons, and decide wisely. If the time isn't right (peak summer), you can buy a small quantity locally, place your current order on hold, and arrange to have it shipped when the weather is more suitable. We rely on you to check your local temperatures, and you can fully stock up during these times of the year. Something to expect also is ice packs may be fully thawed upon arrival. The insulation will keep it cooler for longer.

Temperature Range 40-65: The base $25 fee includes two ice packs, pharmaceutical-grade insulation (a silver reflective bubble wrap 1/4 inch thick), and a warm mark sensor.

Temperature Range 65-80: The base kit costs $25, plus $15.00 for the upgraded kit, which includes Styrofoam and two extra ice packs (to surround the medication with cold packs).

Temperature Range 80 and above: Upgrade to the $99.99 Mobile Fridge, which will keep your medication 35.6-46.4 for a minimum of 96 hours.

All sales are final, and there are no replacements or refunds for temperature-sensitive medication, even with Accidental Coverage (temperature breaches). We strongly recommend upgrading the packaging and using Rapid Airmail. It is a small amount of money for the best chance of your medication arriving cold.

Signature VS No Signature

We send all temperature-sensitive shipments at the minimum Express Airmail, which is Signature Required, which we cannot change. We can upgrade the shipping to Rapid Airmail, which is Signature Required, but we can change it to No Signature before shipping. It is Strongly Recommended to ship with a signature for two primary reasons:

  1. So it's not left outside, potentially affected by weather.
  2. To ensure it is not stolen.

Accidental Coverage Policies

Your Peace of Mind Solution!
At Can Ship Meds, we understand the urgency and importance of receiving your medication promptly and securely. That's why we're committed to ensuring your valuable medications reach you in the best condition possible. While we strive for flawless delivery every time, we recognize that unforeseen circumstances, such as postal delays, theft, or lost packages, can occasionally disrupt the process.

That's where our innovative Accidental Coverage program steps in to provide you with the ultimate assurance and protection.

What is Accidental Coverage, you ask?
Accidental Coverage is our comprehensive solution designed to safeguard your medication delivery from any unexpected mishaps that may occur during transit. With this program, you can rest assured that your medication is shielded from various unforeseen events, allowing you to focus on your health with peace of mind.

What does Accidental Coverage offer?
Enhanced Protection: Our Accidental Coverage program extends an extra layer of protection to your medication shipment, ensuring it remains safe and secure throughout the delivery journey.

Peace of Mind: Say goodbye to worries about potential disruptions or setbacks during transit. Accidental Coverage provides you with the reassurance you need, knowing that your medication is covered against a range of unforeseen circumstances.

Value Assurance: Despite the added protection, we remain committed to offering you the best possible prices for your medication. Accidental Coverage comes at a minimal cost, ensuring you receive maximum value for your investment in peace of mind.

How does Accidental Coverage work?
Simply opt-in for Accidental Coverage when placing your order, and leave the rest to us. In the rare event of any mishap during transit, our dedicated team will swiftly address the issue and ensure that your medication reaches you without further delay.Don't let uncertainties jeopardize your medication delivery experience. Choose Accidental Coverage today and experience the ultimate peace of mind with Can Ship Meds!Your health and satisfaction are our top priorities. Trust Can Ship Meds delivers not only your medication but also the confidence and security you deserve.

How to Claim Your Coverage
To claim insurance, please call our resolution team and speak with one of our representatives. Provide them with the details of the shipping issue you encountered. Our team will carefully assess if the issue falls within our insurance coverage guidelines. If you qualify based on your coverage, you will be eligible to receive a replacement of your order free of charge.

We sell medication at wholesale price to keep it affordable and provide you with the biggest savings possible. Cross-border medication is not covered by carrier insurance.

There are risks when ordering medication. Here, we will review some of risks and what you can do to ensure safe delivery. Please read this carefully and understand that if you do not include the Accidental Coverage, you will be responsible for any replacements.

There is a chance something may go wrong with your shipment (FDA seizure, postal error, damaged package, and acts of god). We are upfront that if you choose to decline our new insurance policy and any of the above does happen, it is not our responsibility, and there will be no refund or replacement.

Our responsibility is to process and dispense the medicine quickly and properly, provide you with all the education as a pharmacy should. Once the medication is dispensed and shipped, it is in the hands of our shipping providers.

Quote from USPS Carrier Policies:
“Prescription or non-prescription drugs and medical devices We have no liability for loss, delay, or damage of packages mailed to destinations outside of Canada containing Prescription or non-prescription drugs, Medical Devices, or Other items that may be subject to export or import prohibition or restriction.”