Value-Added Healthcare Services Now Offered through CanShipMeds

In General by Krista Dennett

Over the past 25 years, offering you medication at such significant savings has been a pleasure. We pride ourselves on being known to provide the best service and strive to stay ahead of the curve. As a result, we continue to find ways to serve you better and more effectively.

An Update on Cross-Border Prescriptions from Canada

Recently, the cross-border prescription industry came under the microscope in the Canadian media. The concern brought to light was the “doctor-to-patient ratio.” If you were unaware, we had several doctors co-signing US prescriptions to convert them to Canadian and legally dispensed by our affiliated Canadian-licensed Pharmacy.

This media attention created some debate in healthcare circles about the legitimacy of “co-signing.”

Considering the recent criticisms of the industry, while ensuring we can continue to do what we are doing, saving our American neighbors a fortune on life-altering and life-saving medications from our Canadian Pharmacy, we have modified the dispensing process.

Enhancing Your Healthcare – Access to Expert Physicians

The duty of care in Canada is that licensed pharmacists consider your health first, not just cost savings. The added benefit is that it also provides a wealth of information from our team of experts so you can confidently make an informed decision about the medications you are taking and your health. 

To accomplish this for you, our valued clients, we are partnering with the best Physicians in every area of health. We are growing the team of doctors to provide specialized care for you in areas such as weight loss, diabetes, women’s health, men’s health, and of course, your pet’s health.

In doing so, we also achieve an improved doctor-to-patio ratio to address the industry’s criticism and protect Canadian prescriptions’ ability to dispense to US citizens.

Changes to Our Prescription Process

Effective for orders placed on or after April 1, 2023

We have implemented a telehealth call into the level of care and service our clients receive. This call with a doctor creates an interactive and legitimate doctor-patient relationship. It also ensures you get the best possible healthcare and access to the best Canadian Doctors specialized in the wellness field of your medication.

This new process occurs in two simple steps.

  1. Complete a medical questionnaire in your secure client portal for your medication and doctor requirements.
  2. Receive a call from our Doctor, who specializes in wellness, for the prescribed medication.

These calls will range from 3 to 10 minutes, depending on the combination of your answers to the questionnaire and how you decide to use the additional services they are providing. Doctors work Monday to Friday, and if you miss their call, there will be a specific toll-free number you can call back.

We have made available this opportunity for you to create an additional relationship with the most ideally matched healthcare professional.

These Doctors are brilliant and highly sought after. 

There are no additional fees for this extra professional support. Based on the information you provide through the questionnaire, the Doctor may be able to provide high-level insight on the medication, the health purpose it is prescribed, and potentially other suggestions that can be discussed further with your primary care provider to help you reach your health goals faster, safer and more effective.

Our promise has always been to offer the lowest possible prices while providing the best possible services, and we are proud to offer this additional level of care as part of our mission.

What To Expect for Processing Time

During the transitional period, it will cause orders to have a slower turnaround time. Therefore we will upgrade to the next fastest ship speed at no extra charge.

FOR A TEMPORARY TIME, to address the speed of shipping, we will only charge for Express and will instead use Rapid Air to make up for your lost time, an immediate savings of $25.

In most cases, our Doctors can write a year’s prescription if applicable. The new two-step questionnaire and telehealth call process may only be required once a year.

There is no such thing as ordering too early. However, while we work through the backlog of orders, we suggest contacting us at least a month in advance for new prescriptions and refills.

We can only ship three months’ worth per package if you have a one-year prescription. However, we can always make back-to-back shipments. This is a common request this time of year to stock up now to avoid having to order during the peak of the summer.

Saxenda Clients

If you are a Saxenda patient with an order pending or have a new prescription, please ensure you have completed the Saxenda Medical Questionnaire. The sooner we receive the completed questionnaire, the sooner the Doctor can connect with you and your medication dispensed by our licensed-Canadian Pharmacy.

If you have questions, contact us through one of our communication channels – email, call, or text. For Saxenda clients, ask one of our Saxenda Information Experts.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. We look forward to continuing to offer you affordable prices and the best service possible.