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  • Jim MacKay Avatar
    Jim MacKay
    After living 55 years in North America, my wife and I retired to South America. We soon discovered that my wife's medication was not available here and we searched the internet and found Mark's Marine Pharmacy. Naomi was the pharmacy technician who looked after us. Not only did she process the prescription, had it shipped to a family member in Florida in rapid time, tracked the delivery and we had it brought to us here by a friend to South America in time before her then current supply ran out. If there was ever an example of personal service, this has got to be at the top of the list. What a wonderful experience to be that well looked after and be 8,000 miles away. It does not get any better that that!
  • Les Mikula Avatar
    Les Mikula
    Placed an order on Tuesday evening. I e-mailed a copy of my script right after placing my order. On Wednesday (during the day while at work) I received a call...there were questions and they couldn't ship my medication until they confirmed a few things.I made an attempt at calling them back 3 times....each time I have gotten put on hold! The last time for 22 minutes! I even attempted their "call back feature"...with no luck!I am running pretty low on the medication that I ordered!This is my first experience with this company and it might be my last?!Frustrating!I have changed my rating from 1 star to 5 stars! - 07/06/22Henry from Marks Marine Pharmacy (canshipmeds) has left me numerous voice mail messages since my posting! He promised to look into the issue and follow up on my order. As I sit and type this....I am looking at the packing slip and the medication on the desk in front of me. It showed up on time and in good shape at a very good price! I will definitely be using Marks Marine Pharmacy (canshipmeds) again in the future! I highly recommend them! A job well done!