About Marks Marine Pharmacy

Our Core Values.


Marks Marine Pharmacy is a brick and mortar store inside a medical clinic, also serving the local community in Vancouver, British Columbia. Experience peace of mind knowing your medication ships directly from our fully regulated Canadian Pharmacy, dispensed by a licensed Canadian pharmacist.

We Pursue Excellence

Our belief is a pharmacy should not just dispense medications. A pharmacy should always have a pharmacist available to provide education, guidance, and support. We have pharmacists and health consultants specializing in various categories of health that are always a phone call away.

Family owned, operated, and 

Rob Rosenblatt

Robert Rosenblatt - licensed Canadian Pharmacist, graduated from the University of British Columbia. Rob experienced a massive influx of walk in American customers driving from Washington and Oregon, specifically to pick up prescription medication from Marks Pharmacy on Cambie. Therefore, Rob setup a division of Marks as close as possible to the Vancouver international airport (10 minutes away) for the sole purpose of benefiting shipping logistics and turnaround time.

Marks has been a well known Pharmacy chain on the west coast of Canada, since the 1950's by Pharmacist Gordan Marks (RPH 1948 UBC, R.I.P) and then Pharmacist Marvin Nider (RPH UBC 1973, R.I.P). Then Rob set up a Canada Post station inside the Pharmacy, scheduled the last possible postal pickup, at 4:30 flying to San Francisco customs at 5:00, with 4-5 day to 14 day turnaround time, depending on the preferred services.

With 30 years of experience Rob understands the industry very well.


Now 73, still fully licensed, Rob is happy, in phenomenal shape from a lifetime of proper health and fitness, practicing what he preaches for complete health and Wellness. Rob retired at 70, passing it off to second generation Jordan after working closely together for 20 years, effectively passing the torch to the next generation.

Jordan Rosenblatt

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Jordan Rosenblatt - Co-owner, Director of Marks Marine Pharmacy utilized his knowledge of the American healthcare system, or lack thereof, to increase market share, growing the family business over 25 x in 10 years, impacting tens of thousands of Americans, saving them over 100 million dollars as a result.

This accomplishment has been achieved from relationships developed by Jordan resulting in the recommendation of tens of thousands of USA Doctors, referring their patients from America to Marks Marine Pharmacy in Canada.

. Jordan was able to contribute to Marks Marine Pharmacy having the best reputation in the industry within his 10 years of being the hands on, day to day general manager. 

Jordan loves working with his patients, solving problems, finding solutions, and will always ensure his customers are always well and properly taken care of when needed.


Today, Jordan works with his management team, consisting of 3 Pharmacists, a registered Pharmacy tech, a Tech Genius, and a Phone team manager to ensure the standard of service remains the same, regardless of growth. Further developing the spectrum of services to ensure MMP can proudly offer the best spectrum of services, fastest turnaround time, and highest level of consumer confidence, trust and peace of mind in the industry.

Our Pharmacists and team overseeing the day to day management and accuracy of outbound orders.

James Rosso, BSc. (Pharm), RPh.
Graduated from the University of British Columbia in  2003.  

Experienced at many British Columbia pharmacies, big and small. 

Ready to work with doctors and patients to optimize your medication therapy

Alvin Singh, BSc. (Pharm), RPh.
Graduated as a pharmacist from the University of British Columbia in 1997. 

During his practice Alvin has gained extensive experience in a broad spectrum of pharmacy practice settings including community, hospital, residential care, and regulation.

Alvin has a keen interest in clinical pharmacy practice and has training in clinical geriatric pharmacy and hospital practice. Alvin's goal is to be an asset to physician's and patient's as they seek the best possible advice on their medications therapy.

Sul Lailji - Pharmacy Manager: Graduated from the University of British Columbia in 1992.

Compounding Specialist. Worked as pharmacy manager and consultant at major Canadian chain pharmacies.

Available to collaborate with physicians and healthcare professionals to enhance patient focused treatment protocols.

Pharmacy Assistants 

Shawna B - Pharmacy Tech

Rhodora C


Karla N - Billing

Sam - Shipping

Alisha - Billing

Shawna Barry

Rhodora C


Pharmacy Phone Assistants

Henry C

Jenna M.

Kathy N.

Mike G.

Parm D.

Madison M.

Natalie R.

Jason W.

Jay B.

Rebecca B.

Charlie W.